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Whether you are an established or new business, the Parent's Guide can work for you!
The Parents Guide is a free, monthly publication designed as a family resource guide containing products & services that cater to every aspect of family life.

Never Thrown Away!

The Keys to Our Success

14,000+ Parents Guides are distributed each month to over 1,200 locations throughout the Treasure Valley.
They are strategically placed in locations where mothers & children frequent.
The Parents Guide fits in a woman's purse for easy access and use.
95% of our directories are picked up by the local families.
The remaining 5% are re-distributed in relocation packs for families moving to our area.
The Parents guide is printed on high quality gloss paper instead of newsprint.
Color enhances readability by 70-75%! Comprehension & brand awareness is enhanced by 80%.
We are a full-color publication informational based without editorials.

Our advertisers get results because their ad is the content.

It is digest sized and constructed with high quality, long-lasting paper so that families can shop from it for months. Because we directly target families in the Treasure Valley, we offer an opportunity to reach markets that may otherwise be missed by national advertising campaigns.
  • "We always ask our customers where they heard about us and a lot of them say The Kid's Directory. They always comment on how bright and colorful our ad is!" - Tumble Time Gymnastics
  • I didn't think advertising worked for me! I had tried many types over the years without any luck ... but my ad in the Kid's Directory has made my business double in size. I love seeing the directory everywhere!
    - Carrie Mullen, Idaho Art Expressions
  • I think the Kids Directory is the greatest source for families in the Treasure Valley.
    - Robert Hatvani, Study Music, LLC

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