The most fun with the least planning you’ll ever have for a birthday party… have a LEGO® Brand Building Party right here at Bricknowlogy™

  • Huge Happy Factor: LEGO brand construction party with friends and family
  • Unique Format: Everyone builds together and brings home their awesome set / creation
  • Pick any set within the party budget from the biggest selection and best prices in town
  • With the lowest everyday prices in the Treasure Valley – that budget goes FAR…
  • Build, share, and play on our Custom Build Tables with all your party friends
  • No waiting for tables or rooms to be available – and no one pushing you through the system

One and Done:

  • No need for party favors (the LEGO set IS the favor)
  • No decorations needed (the store and all the displays are all you need)
  • Birthday Boy’s / Girl’s Name in Huge LEGO Blocks and on the Big Screens
  • Bring Food, Cake, Ice Cream, and Drinks and eat right at the Build Tables – we do all the cleaning!
  • No First-Aid Kits, Jugs of Hand Sanitizer, or Ear Plugs Required
  • Optional Cake-Topper MinifigsBrickturesBrickvitations, and more…
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